Dakota Sourcing is a privately-owned manufacturer and master distributor of HVAC and plumbing supplies. Our focus has been on serving wholesale distributors throughout the United States and Canada.  

With our offices in China, we have more than 25 years’ experience in the manufacturing, sourcing, import / export, and distribution industries. Our facilities are globally recognized and work with a large number of companies. 

Formerly, we served strictly master distributors directly from our factories. Several years ago, we expanded our business in the United States. Our Headquarters in Beresford, South Dakota specializes in stocking and distributing the products made by our manufacturers throughout Asia and the United States.  Dakota Sourcing has one mission.  To be the direct source for high quality products with cost effective pricing for wholesale distributors and original equipment manufacturers.

In addition to our products, we offer private labeling, packaging, and sourcing services. What sets us apart, is our business structure of being the entire supply chain from manufacturer to distributor. 

Dakota Sourcing sales team and all independent sales representatives throughout the United States feel excited to serve you and help your business and projects be successful!

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